Terms and Conditions


Ceasta Assurance. provides transit insurance coverage for furniture, encompassing a wide range of items such as lamps, light fixtures, chandeliers, vases, mirrors, kitchen cabinets, media consoles, bathroom fixtures and more.

Insure Limit:

Maximum coverage up to $75,000. If exceeding the maximum limit of $75,000, please call CAI for approval.


This insurance policy provides coverage for the shipping of insured furniture from the date of pick-up confirmation (as indicated by a bill of lading or pick-up order) to the destination, protecting against damage, theft, or loss during transit, up to the declared value.


Clear images of the front and back of the furniture must be submitted for insurance purposes. CAI reserves the right to decline coverage if the images are not clear.


The furniture must be securely packed or encased. After it's been packed or encased, provide a clear image of the package with an attached shipping label containing the name and address of the destination to CAI.

Insured Value:

The insured value of the furniture will be determined by the declared value.


The premium for this insurance policy will be calculated as a percentage of the insured value of the shipment and will be charged to the merchant upon the conclusion of the transit phase. If the shipment is to be returned, the paid premium is non-refundable. Our policy does not cover the return of furniture

Pick-Up Confirmation:

Wait for confirmation from CAI before allowing the pick-up of your furniture. Without this confirmation, no coverage will be provided.

Notification of Damage, Theft, or Loss:

The insured must notify CAI of any damage, theft, or loss within 72 hours following the scheduled delivery date. A police report is required.

Deadline to File a Claim:

The insured must submit a claim to CAI no later than 72 hours after the scheduled arrival date, upon determination of damage, theft, or loss. Submit all necessary information, documentation, and evidence to support the claim. CAI will contact the carrier company to obtain a report and necessary documentation, in order to process the claim.

Required Document(s) to File a Claim:

Proof of purchase that verifies the name of the furniture store or showroom, purchase date and price, such as a purchase receipt.

Damaged Furniture:

If the furniture sustains damage during transit, our Contracted Professional Repairer will assess the extent of the damage and provide necessary scope of repair work.


CAI will arrange for transportation to the repairer's shop. Detailed images will be sent to the customer after repair has been completed. CAI will arrange for transportation of the furniture back to the customer, covering all expenses.


In the event of furniture being lost or stolen during transit, CAI will initiate a tracing with the carrier company. After 10 working days, if the furniture cannot be found, CAI will start the claim process. The processing time for such claims may vary depending on the nature of the loss, as it can be influenced by investigative procedures.


The insurance company retains the right to inspect the merchandise and the packaging at the point of origin or the final destination to verify the damage.


This insurance policy does not cover damage caused by war, riots, strikes, confiscation by authorities, and any other perils excluded by the insurance company.


The insurance company reserves the right to recover the paid amount from any responsible party or carrier.


This insurance policy is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where the shipment originated, and any dispute arising from this insurance policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that jurisdiction.


The insurance policy may be terminated by the policyholder or the insurance company for various reasons, including non-payment of premiums or fraudulent claims.


The insurance company shall indemnify and hold the policyholder harmless from any claims, damages, or liabilities arising from the loss or damage of the item during transit or shipping.