Why Ceasta Assurance

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About Us

Welcome to Ceasta Assurance. We offer specialized insurance for high-end furniture and fine art, which we understand are prized investments and possessions. That's why we provide this innovative protection to merchants and consumers.

Ceasta Assurance is a provider of specialty insurance coverages that caters specifically to the high-end furniture and fine art industry. In these industries, furniture brands/mfgs and art galleries are vulnerable to risks immediately after selling their merchandise. Post-sales scenarios such as neglect, mishandling of goods, or a complete loss due to outside forces can occur, exposing merchants to potential liabilities.

Traditionally, merchants have relied on their business insurance liability or the handler's (shipper/mover) policy to cover such risks. However, cumbersome claiming procedures and the likelihood of hefty premium increases make this a less-than-ideal practice. Ceasta wants to alleviate these hassles by developing a comprehensive policy covering the described risks and including additional features protecting consumers. Once consumers take position of such merchandise, they also experience similar situations where they rely solely on their homeowner insurance policy for these specific risks. To counter that, we will include extended warranty coverage that goes beyond the manufacturer's existing warranty for furniture and or framing for fine arts.

Ceasta aims to become the one-stop service provider for all post-sales risks in these industries by providing coverage for these risks. We understand that merchants and consumers invest substantial amounts of money in high-end furniture and fine art, and we want to ensure their investments are well-protected.

Our comprehensive policy is designed to absorb liabilities that merchants and consumers face with a simple and affordable fee schedule, making it easier for our clients to manage their risks. With our expertise and experience in the industry, we are confident that we can offer the best insurance solutions to our clients.

In summary, Ceasta Assurance is dedicated to providing specialized insurance coverage that caters to the unique needs of the high-end furniture and fine art industry. Our goal is to offer comprehensive coverage that provides peace of mind to our clients and becomes the one-stop service provider for all post-sales risks in these industries.