Terms and Conditions: Fine Vintage Furniture

Insured Risk:

Ceasta Assurance Inc. (CAI) provides transit insurance coverage for fine vintage furniture.

Insured Limit with Proof of Purchase:

Maximum coverage up to $15,000 per single item. If exceeding the maximum limit of $15,000, must contact CAI for approval.

Insured Limit without Proof of Purchase:

Maximum coverage up to $5,000. Refer to “11.4. for more details.


CAI shall provide coverage for insured vintage furniture during transit against damage, theft, or loss, from pick-up to final destination. Only CAI-approved shipping companies are eligible for coverage.


Clear images of the front and back of the furniture must be submitted at the time of reporting along with a photo of the attached shipping label and delivery address. CAI reserves the right to decline coverage if the images are not clear.

Packaging of furniture:

Furniture must be properly packed and crated by the furniture store. CAI will not be responsible for furniture packed by the non-approved CAI carrier

Insured Value:

The insured value of the vintage item will be determined by the declared value. CAI is not responsible for the authenticity of the insured furniture piece(s).


The premium charged to the merchant upon reported shipment of the transit is 1.25/100 of the insured value. Non-refundable if the shipment is returned.

Pick-Up Confirmation:

Coverage does not apply to customer pick-up. CAI reserves the right to not insure a carrier/transporter. All shipping companies must be approved by CAI.

Deadline to File a Claim:

The insured must submit a claim to CAI within 72 hours after the scheduled arrival date, upon determination of damage, theft, or loss. Submit all necessary information, documentation, and evidence to support the claim. If the artwork has been damaged, CAI will contact the shipping company to provide a damage report and necessary documentation, to process the claim.

Required Document(s) to File a Claim:

Purchased From Vintage Furniture store: A signed invoice or receipt must show the original price and date of sale

A signed invoice or receipt from the store must show the original price and date of sale.

Original signed delivery order or receipt from the shipping company.

Without Proof of Purchase: In cases where there is no proof of purchase or receipt available, the maximum coverage is $5,000.

CAI reserves the right to engage a certified appraiser to determine the true market value of the furniture

If the appraised value is lower than the declared value, CAI will only pay the appraised value and CAI will reimburse any excess paid premium on the claimed piece.

Customers have the option to utilize their certified appraisal, provided it was conducted within the last 12 months. CAI will accept the declared value if it is equal to or lower than the appraised value.

CAI will cover the cost of the appraisal and accessorial charges.

The premium of the claim must be paid before opening the claim.

Damaged furniture:

Since furniture pieces are vintage and therefore unique, damaged items during transit will be subject to restoration and/or repair evaluation from a Certified Professional Restorer.

If Repairable:

CAI will present to the customer the scope of the restoration work for approval.