Your Assurance, Tailored to Precision

At Ceasta, we understand that every business and collector has unique needs. Hence, our variety of specialized policies ensures you find the perfect fit

Standard Premium Policy (SPP)

Our foundational coverage plan designed for businesses and individuals that ship occasionally but require comprehensive protection for their high-value items.

Monthly Delivery Policy (MDP)

Ideal for frequent shippers, this policy provides comprehensive coverage on a monthly basis, eliminating the need for securing insurance for each individual shipment.

Designer Project Policy (DPP)

This program is designed specifically for interior designers and is billed on a per-project basis

Item Value insurance

Protecting against undervaluation. Your items' true worth is covered, not just their weight.

Transit Protection

Covers your items securely, be it domestic or international transit.

Damage & Loss Security

Comprehensive protection against unexpected damages or loss during handling and transit.

Customized Solutions

Still haven't found the perfect fit? Talk to us. Our team is adept at crafting a policy specifically tailored to your unique requirements.

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